The Witch’s Book of Power

The Witch’s Book of Power


The Witch’s Book of Power by Devin Hunter Foreword by Christopher Penczak

IGNITE THE HOLY FIRE WITHIN… Become the Witch You Were Meant To Be

Witchcraft isn’t alwats about the search for enlightenment; sometimes it’s about power and the path to obtaining it. The Witch’s Book of Power shares the secrets to unlocking the witch power within you, offering specific techniques for working with personal, cosmic, and ally energies torealize your full magical potential.

Professional witch and psychic Devin Hunter has helped thousands of people discover their power and gain influence,and in this book he skillfully explores the concepts behind creating magic that can change your life. The Witch’s Book of Power is the perfect resource for witches who intuitively feel that more power is available but seems to be just beyond reach.