Wicca and Witchcraft


Wicca and Witchcraft

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Wicca and Witchcraft   Learn to walk the magickal path with the God and Goddess by Denise Zimmermann and ZKatherine A. Gleason


Awaken your life with the God and Goddess and discover the magick of the Wiccan Way

It’s not all broomsticks and pointed hats!

You already know that Wicca is a nature-based religion that has survived and thrived for generations despite society’s misunderstandings and persecutions. What you need are the tools and guidance to practice your craft. This will set you on the path of the God and Goddess and help you to appreciate the profound beauty of living in tune with nature. You’ll learn about the many types of witches, traditions, and deities, along with the magickal toools and objects used for casting spells and empowering your spirit. So let the self-esteem, knowledge, and spirituality flow, grab your Grimoire, and get started!

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