Mothers Day: A day to honour and celebrate mothers

Mothers Day: A day to honour and celebrate mothers

The second Sunday in May is when many countries honour mothers and celebrate all that
mothers contribute to the family, loved ones, and friends. A celebration of mothers is an ancient
practice dating back over 6000 years and is found in both ancient Roman and Egyptian history.
Early celebrations honoured goddesses including Isis, Cybele and Rhea. Festivals and games
were often part of the celebration.

As Christianity became more widespread in Europe the honouring of mothers became part
Laetare Sunday (4th Sunday of Lent) and honour was given to the Virgin Mary. The places of
worship were decorated with flowers, jewels, and offerings. By the 17th century, the celebration
had extended not only to the church and the Virgin Mary but to all mothers. It was a
compassionate holiday where people were encouraged to visit family, break the Lenten fast and
enjoy a family feast with their mother. At this time mothers were presented with cakes, flowers, and children home to visit.
The first North American Mother’s Day came via the Mother’s Day Proclamation of 1870 by Julia
Ward Howe. She was so distraught over the carnage of the US Civil War that she called on all
mothers to protest the futile killing of so many young men. She called for day to celebrate
peace and motherhood. In 1908, Anna M Jarvis petitioned for an official Mother’s Day. White
carnations were used to honour deceased mothers and pink carnations to pay tribute to living

Canada was one of the first countries to follow the US version making it a national holiday in
1909. It is common to treat mom to dinner out, give her a card or flowers. Young children often
make a handmade card or craft for Mother’s Day.

Rose Quartz has long been used as a symbol of love and a talisman of relationships. Not only
is it a stone of love, romance and intimacy but it assists in developing a closer bond with family
and friends. It inspires the love of beauty, clears the complexion and prevents wrinkles. Rose
quartz is known as a mothering stone that inspires nurturing of one’s self especially if you have
lost your mother. It promotes bonding and is an excellent stone for pregnancy, childbirth and to
sooth both mother and child following birth. Rose quartz helps you to mother yourself and is an
excellent stone to wear to feel the energy of love.

Be sure to reflect and share memories of mom on May 14. Treat her to a card, meal, flowers or
a beautiful rose quartz stone.

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