Meaning and Uses of Herkimer Diamonds

Meaning and Uses of Herkimer Diamonds

The mind stimulating spiritual vision, telepathy and connecting you to higher guidance then pick up a Herkimer diamond!  Excellent crystals for astral travel, reality expansion and exploring alternate dimensions.

Herkimer diamonds are not true diamonds, but rather, double terminated quartz crystals discovered and mined in Herkimer County in New York state.  They are said to be the most powerful of all quartz crystals possessing a crystal memory that allows the crystal to retain information for later retrieval.  Being double terminated these stones both transmit and receive energy.

A powerful stone of attunement that assists in linking people together.  It can be used in combination with other stones as it will magnify the metaphysical properties of the stone it is combined with.

Herkimer diamonds resonate with multiple chakras.  They activate and open the crown chakra and allow the third eye to awaken to new ideas, dreams and visions.  Enhydro Herkimer’s are water-included and stimulate the heart chakra allowing one to clearly understand needs, emotions and relationships.  When used in a healing capacity a Herkimer diamond aides to remove energetic blocks.  It is a detoxificant.  They stimulate healing via the clearing of electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity and geopathic stress.  Promotes correcting cellular disorders and metabolic disorders and aides in relieving insomnia.

It should be noted, due to it’s “otherworldly” energies Herkimer diamonds are not stones for work with children or animals.  Prolonged wearing of this stone may result in disorientation for some so it is important to be aware of all physical, psychological and emotional changes when working with Herkimer diamonds.

Herkimer diamonds may be of varying colour.  Smoky Herkimer stones possess a strong grounding energy, whereas, Herkimer with citrine helps to dispel negative energies and combats fatigue.

With the arrival of Spring it is the perfect time to awaken or renew your spiritual journey with the assistance of a Herkimer diamond.  Try combining one with rose quartz to bolster love and get relationships blooming, with citrine to amplify abundance or with carnelian for a burst of creativity!
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