When used in baths, Angelica root strengthens the aura, purifies and clears the aura of low vibrating entities that may attach themselves to you. When low vibrating energies magnetize themselves to your energy field, you may feel depression, deal with negative thoughts, feel confused and attract negative situations wherever you go.

Angelica Root is notable for magical purposes, especially to remove curses, hexes or evil energy that may have been projected toward your or your home.  Angelica Root promotes peace, harmony and healing so this can be an ideal herb to use and also burn in spaces where there may be a lot of discord, sorrow or illness.

Angelica Root opens portals to higher communication with self and your personal thoughts. It enhances mental powers, removes creative blockages and allows you clear communication with your intuition. It is also my favorite herb to place under my pillow in a sachet baggy to remember my dreams.

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