Heart Healing with Rose Quartz

Heart Healing with Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is frequently referred to as the “heart stone”. It is also referred to as: pink quartz, hyaline quartz, Bohemian or Silesian Ruby. This silicon dioxide crystal is found in abundance around the world. The colour varies from pale pink to a deep reddish-pink.

It has been used as a talisman and token of love since circa 600BC. Evidence of rose quartz has been found in Egyptian tombs. It is believed that Egyptians and Romans valued rose quartz for its ability to beautify both spiritually and physically. Along with this stones ability to foster loving relationships it was used to aide physical beauty by preventing wrinkles and producing a clear, youthful complexion. Tibetan and Oriental cultures honour this stone and it remains one of the main carving stones in China.

It carries a gentle feminine energy in its soft pink essence. Rose quartz exemplifies compassion, tenderness, comfort and peace. It inspires, both in self and others, the love of beauty in nature which stimulates the imagination and connecting to art, music and the written word.

This stone is highly effective in attracting love, romance and intimacy. Speaking directly to the Heart Chakra rose quartz radiates Divine energies of love through all layers of the aura. It amplifies the ability to both give and receive love. Rose quartz fosters nurturing and promotes bonding. It can strengthen romantic relationships by promoting tenderness, sensuality and acting as an aphrodisiac.

An excellent stone for children with it’s calming and reassuring energy. It aids in restful sleep free from feel of the dark, nightmares and night terrors. Working with the Heart Chakra it assists to open everyone to the true essence of love. It provides balance and allows for ease in accepting change. It strives to bring all chakras into harmony with the heart chakra. The vibrations deeply penetrate to the cellular level reprogramming for longevity and joy. Rose quartz fosters the regeneration of hope and faith in the Universe.

Rose quartz is used for the physical healing of issues of the heart, lungs and thymus. An excellent stone to support many types of cancer and specifically in the healing from breast cancer. It promotes healing of ailments associated with the heart, spleen, kidneys, adrenals, asthma, the circulatory system and alleviates vertigo while easing and balancing sexual frustrations and drives.

Rose quartz may be used to heal a grieving heart. It increases positivity opening the heart to unconditional love and Divine love. It soothes anger and aggression while promoting acceptance and relieving despair and guilt. A stress relieving stone that encourages forgiveness, kindness, joy and happiness. It promotes selflessness and boosts self esteem and confidence. This stone of the heart dissolves jealousy and loneliness and encourages one to remain in a state of tranquility.

Rose quartz, with its potential for deep and true heart healing, is prized for its physical beauty and the abundance of metaphysical healing benefits makes this stone a must-have for everyone!

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