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Amethyst the MUST HAVE CRYSTAL for the Month of February

Happy February Everyone. February is time to work with my favorite crystal. Amethyst. Not just because it is my favorite colour, purple, but, also because it has a multitude of uses. Amethyst heightens the energy of other crystals. It is an excellent for you to use as a tool while you balance, body and mind. […]
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Flowers and Spirituality

Flowers have been given as symbols of love, affection, intention, accomplishment, friendship and in sympathy for thousands of years. Flowers are often used to express thoughts when words are to difficult to say. Giving or receiving flowers opens the heart to the tenderness of the expression of the gift of flowers.
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Gabbro energy literally grabs you and pulls you down toward the earth.

Gabbro is a coarse grained igneous rock formed when molten lava cools to a crystalline mass.  It is usually black or dark green in colour and is found abundantly in the earth’s crust both under oceans and on land surface. Metaphysically gabbro is known as a stone of spiritual understanding that may aide in
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