Amethyst the MUST HAVE CRYSTAL for the Month of February

Amethyst the MUST HAVE CRYSTAL for the Month of February

Happy February Everyone.

February is time to work with my favorite crystal. Amethyst. Not just because it is my favorite colour, purple, but, also because it has a multitude of uses.

Amethyst heightens the energy of other crystals. It is an excellent for you to use as a tool while you balance, body and mind. It helps with negotiation skills, decision making and business success.

Use Amethyst as a support to you if you suffer from blood clots, insomnia, headaches and migraines, for boosting your immune system, to rid tension, emotional energy, and/or grief.

Another variety of Amethyst is Chevron Amethyst, and is also known as Banded Amethyst. This crystal is superb for enhancing psychic abilities, shamanic journeying and spiritual growth.


Working with Amethyst:

Hold an Amethyst in each hand to help center and expand your meditation experience and place an Amethyst on your crown chakra to provide a connection to the Universe.

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Amethyst the MUST HAVE CRYSTAL for the Month of February


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