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About Us

Garden of Crystals is a community of love and support for you on your Spiritual Journey and Growth. Our heart centered team offers a variety of services in energy sessions, Readings, Development Groups, Crystals Workshops and courses in Reiki and Crystal Energy.

Our Holistic spa package is 2 hours of pure relaxation and serenity. It includes Chi Machine, Foot Detox, Far Infrared Sauna with an Energy Balancing.
We have over 250 crystals, and an enormous supply of spiritual products for your spiritual development.

We would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.

Come by and say Hi to our team today and let your Spirit Breathe….

Garden of Crystals is a place of community where like minded people come to learn, grow and share. We have a large variety of stones, crystals and tools to help support your spiritual growth.

Our heart centered team offers a variety of services such as Psychic, Intuitive and Card Readings, Energy Sessions, Ionic Detox Foot Baths, Chi Machine, Infrared Sauna, Reflexology, Development Groups, Workshops, Past Life Regressions, Generational Quantum Healing, Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch and so much more!


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Why Crystals and stones

Crystals and Stones have become increasingly popular, but what is all the fuss about? What are they good for, and how can they be used?
Aside from being a fascinating example of what nature is capable of creating, people are drawn to crystals because of their “energy”.

Crystals, like everything else, are composed of atoms and molecules that vibrate at particular frequencies. Similar to our bodies and everything else around us, everything is composed of energy. Most of us realize that we can be affected by many things in the world such as: emotions, our diet, and interactions with others. All of these things affect our own vibrational frequency or energy field (Aura).

When we work with stones and crystals, we are allowing their frequency into our energy field and this creates resonance. This occurs when two energy fields interact and eventually find balance and stabilize. Because stones and crystals have a crystalline structure, they are stable and consistent in frequency. Although some of us have yet to learn to perceive this subtle energy, it is nonetheless real.

There are countless ways to work with them. Here are a few examples:
• You can carry them in your pocket, a purse, or any accessory that will remain close to your energy field.
• You may also wear them as jewelry.
• Larger pieces can fit beautifully in areas of your home to help raise the energetic frequency of a particular room.
• Crystal grid/layouts are another wonderful way, whereby you place crystals in a certain pattern and set the intention for this grid to act as a focal point for its particular energies.

Overall, there are many practices that include the use of stones and crystals to facilitate and enhance healing for the mind, body, and spirit. With very little effort, these are wonderful tools that can really make a difference in your lives.

Our In-Store Services

Crystal Healing is the art of laying stones in coordination with the body’s energy field, energy centre and energy pathways. These are also known as the aura, chakras and meridians.

Crystals come from nature and are created from minerals deep inside the earth. Each crystal carries its own unique vibrational frequency which we often refer to as “healing properties”. Crystals are capable of amplifying, focusing, directing,absorbing, diffusing and transmitting various levels of energy.
There are a variety of complementary crystals used during a Crystal Healing session. The crystals are selected based on the healing properties that will be most beneficial to the client’s energy field and/or intentions for the session.
During a session, crystals may be placed around the body, held above, or placed on the chakras and/or various areas of the body. The energy delivered by the arranged crystals blend and attune to a client’s energy field and/or intention for the session, promoting healing within the mind, body, and spirit.
It’s important to remember that crystals act as facilitators for healing or alignment to your desired intention. At Garden of Crystals, we can help discover your needs and customize each session to your unique vibrational frequency.

Chi machines™ are a type of passive exerciser that originated in Japan. They are based on the accepted principle utilized in several Japanese therapies that swinging the feet while a person is lying down creates a harmonic response of sideways motion up through their body. The oscillation of the hips, which generates a gentle but dynamic wave that travels up through the spine, stimulates the nervous system, balances energy levels and releases tension.

The far infrared Sauna is a method alternative to the traditional sauna which offers remarkable pain relief and several other advantages. The evenly disbursed heat of the CarbonFlow™ far infrared heating system penetrates immediately the skin to a depth of 4 cm. Scientific studies show that the organs are stimulated by the far infrared heat which is directly on the cells of the body.

Reflexology teaches us that each foot is actually an outlet through which the body attempts to cleanse or rid itself or heavy metals and toxic waste build up, along with numerous areas of the body.

What does your future look like?

Do you have questions about your life, about relationships, love, career, finances, health, family, spiritual path? I use my intuitive gifts and card reading skills to help provide clarity, healing and practical guidance in all areas of life. My mission is to inform and empower those who seek my assistance.

How can a Reading benefit you?

I bring through requested information that provides peace, reassurance and confirmation to those who wish to know what their future may hold. I help to empower you by revealing potential future events in a way that allows for whatever change may be desired.

Being able to see the road ahead allows us the opportunity to change our direction. We then become the masters of our future and not simply servants to our own fears.




The first time I walked into Garden of Crystals I was blown away. Not only was I mesmerized by all the products, Lori was definitely a breath of fresh air. By simply talking with me she was able to pinpoint exactly what mood I was in and events that had transpired in my recent past […]

Kelly McCormick

I had a wonderful visit to your store last week and purchased many tumbled stones and a beautiful pendant. Shawna was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. I will definitely be returning to your store for more Crystals and Christmas Gifts. Thank you for opening such a beautiful store in the East end of […]

Michelle L

I have not meet Lori at Garden of Crystals yet but I had a meeting to set up and she accomodated me perfectly and was fun to talk with on the phone , I look forward to giving my Evening with SPirit workshop at her location and to writing an additional review .Psychic, Healer , […]

Marlene S