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Garden of Crystals is a community of love and support for you on your Spiritual Journey and Growth. Our heart centered team offers a variety of services in energy sessions, Readings, Development Groups, Crystals Workshops and courses in Reiki and Crystal Energy.

Our Holistic spa package is 2 hours of pure relaxation and serenity. It includes Chi Machine, Foot Detox, Far Infrared Sauna with an Energy Balancing. We have over 250 crystals, and an enormous supply of spiritual products for your spiritual development.

We would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Come by to say hi to our team today and let your Spirit Breathe.


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Crystals and Stones have become increasingly popular, but what is all the fuss about? What are they good for, and how can they be used? Aside from being a fascinating example of what nature is capable of creating, people are drawn to crystals because of their “energy”.

Crystals, like everything else, are composed of atoms and molecules that vibrate at particular frequencies. Similar to our bodies and everything else around us, everything is composed of energy. Most of us realize that we can be affected by many things in the world such as: emotions, our diet, and interactions with others. All of these things affect our own vibrational frequency or energy field (Aura).

When we work with stones and crystals, we are allowing their frequency into our energy field and this creates resonance. This occurs when two energy fields interact and eventually find balance and stabilize. Because stones and crystals have a crystalline structure, they are stable and consistent in frequency. Although some of us have yet to learn to perceive this subtle energy, it is nonetheless real.

There are countless ways to work with them. Here are a few examples:

  • You can carry them in your pocket, a purse, or any accessory that will remain close to your energy field.
  • You may also wear them as jewelry.
  • Larger pieces can fit beautifully in areas of your home to help raise the energetic frequency of a particular room.
  • Crystal grid/layouts are another wonderful way, whereby you place crystals in a certain pattern and set the intention for this grid to act as a focal point for its particular energies.

Overall, there are many practices that include the use of stones and crystals to facilitate and enhance healing for the mind, body, and spirit. With very little effort, these are wonderful tools that can really make a difference in your lives.